By | Teri Briggs

The merry band that is Corner, stopped by Portland’s Playlist last week for two hours of fun and laughter. How did the band come to be you might wonder? As the story goes, there were two sisters, Crystal and Angela Lariza, who performed as The Lariza Sisters. They thought all was well in their music world until they found out that a few of their co-workers were musicians as well. Deciding to see what would happen, they jammed together, and well, Corner, the band, was born. It is an unspoken rule it seems that in order to join the band, you have to work at the same popular restaurant with a killer view. To prove that point, their newest band mate, lead Guitarist, Max Cheswick, also happens to work there.


Starting the session with their musical influences, the playlist spanned most genres which made for a lot of fun. We heard Bob Marley’s, “One Love,” to the gravely, Cat Power, to a totally different instrumental rendition of “Amazing Grace” by Victor Wooten, to the rockers; Tool, KoRn, and Zeppelin, Kanye West’s, “Love Lockdown,” and then a blast from the past, Little River Band, and Tracy Chapman’s, “Give Me One Reason.”

Moving into the second hour, we were treated to a live performance of several new songs that have not been heard yet, and they are good! These songs were recorded at their recent PDX Spotlight taping which will be released in mid-February. In the meantime, you might be able to hear the new songs at their show on Saturday, January 30th, at the Mock Crest Tavern, 9 pm to midnight. The Lariza Sisters, (Crystal and Angela), will be at Rock Bottom Brewery for their regular first Saturday of the month gig, 9 p.m. to midnight.


There is always something unique about a band that works together and plays music together. It creates a tight bond, familial even, that comes through in their performances. They playfully kid Crystal on her right brain dominance and how they find ways to “understand her language” when she introduces new material to the band. They collaborate on new songs passing through the aisles at work, and take their work breaks together whenever possible to process new ideas. They also love to test out new material afterhours with other co-workers at gatherings that include favorite libations and great food.

With an updated website soon to launch, and new material to be released and recorded into a new album, this is a band you won’t be disappointed to follow.


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