Countless write-ups have spun the magic of Portland and Brooklyn as places you don’t get priced out of. A place you can make a living as a creative, a freelancer. O, it goes on. The New York Times has done endless stories and comparisons. Brooklyn trio Pearl and the Beard, have a Portland stop. So we go to the source to find out what secret sauce lurks in the borough.


Pearl Two, Add One




The Eclectic Mix-Tape of Pearl and the Beard


I caught up with Emily Hope Price who does cello, vocals and keyboards for the trio. We talked about the challenge of giving your group a “name”, how the music is driven creatively, and of course! Brooklyn! and all its charms.



Tour Info

SUN MAY 24, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Pearl and the Beard

Portland, OR, 2015

withPig Pen Theatre Co

Hawthorne Lounge

1507 SE 39th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

Portland, OR




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