Inclusion is a vital component of a healthy functioning democracy. Voters from all communities deserve the opportunity to participate in shaping the policies that impact their lives.

The Oregon League of Minority Voters (OLMV) aims to serve as a liaison between communities of color, policy leaders and institutions. In giving communities of color more access to leaders and institutions, OLMV seeks to empower grassroots organizers in minority communities through education and training. They promote respect for all individuals and the value of diversity in all communities at all levels. The Oregon League of Minority Voters is committed to empowering communities with a mission of collective decision-making and deliberation of the common good.

OLMV accomplishes their mission of empowerment through their set of core values. The organization believes that the responsibility of good governance rests on the shoulders of all citizens. Good governance derives from knowledgable citizens who have the ability and will to act. The ability to act enhances the principles of good governance. The Oregon League of Minority Voters also believes that the rights of both majority and minority citizens are interdependent.

Coming up on Thursday June 29th the Oregon League of Minority Voters presents their 10th annual Liberty and Hope awards. This event takes place at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel 1000 NE Multnommah Street. This year OLMV will be recognizing Angela Glover Blackwell- Founder and CEO of PolicyLink, Bob Ball- Owner of Robert Ball Companies, Chris Dudley-former NBA Blazer, Darlene Hooley-Former Congresswoman, Duncan Campbell- Founder of Friends Of The Children, Josh Kardon- Partner at Capitol Counsel LLC, Julia Brim-Edwards- Senior Director of Global Operations at NIKE Inc., Doug Stamm-Chief Executive Officer at Meyer Memorial Trust, Kitty Piercy- Former Mayor of Eugene, Marian Wright Edelman- President of Children’s Defense Fund, and US Senator Jeff Merkley for their commitment to liberty and freedom to all people. Doors open at 5:30pm.

The Oregon League of Minority Voters hosts several programs throughout the year that coincide with their mission of empowerment. The Campaign for Just Policy promotes public discussion about policy issues of high importance to minority and low-income communities in Oregon. OLMV also hosts a Get Out the Vote Campaign that is designed to increase the number of people in minority communities that participate in local, state and national elections. The organization also hosts community luncheons that provide a forum  for minority leaders to gather and discuss their policy priorities and provides a platform to educate and talk honestly about public policies that promote inclusion and diversity. They also help organize high school debate teams at Oregon high schools with significant minority populations. These debate teams are designed to encourage the next generation of leaders to develop their own voice and increase their involvment in public debate. The Liberty and Hope Awards Dinner gathers minority leaders, other key public and private sector leaders, and community members to meet and discuss issues that relate to public policies and Oregon’s minority communities.

If you’d like to help take action with the Oregon League of Minority Voters you can contact them here.

This week at Portland Radio Project we featured the Oregon League of Minority Voters as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. You can listen below to interviews with key members of the organization:

Promise King, Executive Director OLMV

Jennifer Neitling, Associate Director

Jennifer Neitling & Promise King


Shabba Woodley, Board Member OLMV