Always lots of irons in the musical fire. Blake is always moving his pieces around in an effort to shine a light on other artists. Then he  had a brainwave for Tom Grant. Check out your invite to a filming with Tom and his special guests. And catch up with what is new in his world, and Blake’s. As always? Lots of fun opportunities  coming our way courtesy of these two gents.


Several events are up for Tom and for Blake. One is coming right up and you need to RSVP immediately. Blake, who is an idea man if I ever met one, conjured this up on Tom’s behalf.



And then there’s The Bite On Sunday August 8th. Are we roaring through summer or what?



 Tom and Blake hopped over to Robin Road for a really fun conversation. Tom and I had a chance to get a bit deeper into the skills it takes to accompany singers. Lead. Follow. AND. Get out of the way.  Pretty much sums it up.  And we dug into the important business of doing business in the  music world. It takes a lot these days, to make it all happen. Tom’s latest release is one he tailored for his girlfriend’s massage practice. He recorded the music over the years, but The Light Inside My Dreams is only now seeing the light of day. The track at the end of our conversation is the first one in, “Anandi”.


Inessa is PRP's Music Director and the driving force behind our local music initiative.You'll frequently find her surrounded by stacks of CDs in the studio or behind the mic, interviewing local artists. Listen to PRP

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