By Emily Neelon |

Under the golden arches and bouncing ground of the Crystal Ballroom, the crowd collectively edges closer to the stage. Standing at five feet tall, I struggle to see as Saint Motel’s brass instruments start off a new song. But even without a clear view of the band, the music reaches me full force.

And so the dancing begins.

Saturday night’s show at the Crystal Ballroom featured openers Bike Thief and Finish Ticket and main act Saint Motel.

Los Angeles based Saint Motel set a new standard, bringing amazing energy to the Ballroom from the moment they set foot on stage to the many minutes following their final song.

After putting out the EP “ForPlay” in 2009 and LP “Voyeur” in 2012, Saint Motel’s 2014 EP “My Type” found widespread success on Europe’s Top 40 charts, resulting in two European and one US tour. The progressive pop band plans to release a new album later this year.

Saint Motel played a mixture of songs from their three albums, eliciting audience participation for each number. From “My Type” to “Puzzle Pieces” to “Benny Goodman” to “Midnight Movies”, the band’s 90 minute set felt like seconds rather than hours. As lead singer AJ Jackson’s vocals reached me at the back of the Ballroom, I moved with an inhibition saved for solo dance parties in my dorm room.

With bright eyes and battered feet, I’d say it was night well spent.


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