The season begins with Our Town, a play that for many of us was the first play we saw or read as teenagers.  In this PCS production, the play’s classic everyday life details, big and small, crushing and elevating, are all here. The remarkable exception is the fresh interpretation this beloved drama receives. Though the setting is still at the turn of the 20th century in this production , the town on this stage has become one in which we all live now, very much at the turn of the 21st century.



Patrick Weishampel/

We had the wonderful opportunity to speak with two members of the cast, Gina Daniels, who plays Mrs. Gibbs,  and Vin Shambry in the role of Howie Newsome.


Gina calls the play “subversive”. In the drama, Gina says, each person is “absolutely wonderful and you’re nobody…these two things collide in Our Town”. Vin describes the mysteries of the play being rooted in the very ordinary and every day. His character is “mandatory and needed” while being ‘weatherman’ for the town folk. Below the video, you will find our complete conversations with each actor.















Patrick Weishampel/


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Evenings: Tuesday – Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

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Run Time:

Approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes; including two intermissions.

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Our Town is recommended for ages 12+. Contains theatrical haze and may spark conversations about the meaning of life, and the sweet craziness of being in love. Children under 6 are not permitted at any PCS production.