Mr. Big

“Free to good home,” read the Craigslist ad for Mr. Big. Upon arrival, volunteers for Sound Equine Options found a gentle soul who was so malnourished he was unable to stand on his own.

After being placed in his foster home, volunteers held “pick up parties” every four hours where teams of six would put straps under Mr. Big and lift him to his feet so he could eat, drink and regain the strength needed to be able to stand on his own.  Mr. Big is now known as Survivor —Sur for short — and is thriving in his new home. 

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About Sound Equine Options

What began as a hay bank for horse owners down on their luck has transformed into a a vast network of participants to strengthen the safety net for local horses.  Founded by Scott Hanson, Sound Equine Options strives to provide horses with a life of dignity, love, trust, and care. Its volunteers are passionate about the veterinary-based programs and the results they produce. Based on innovative practices, these programs address the need for temporary assistance and the unwanted horse issue on a national level while radically changing the lives of local horses.

Mr. Big After

Mr. Big in training after rehab.

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

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  1. james urquhart
    james urquhart says:

    Just read the article on our friends at SEO. Nicely done! My wife and I run a volunteer adoption facility in Oregon City for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, the nations largest donkey rescue. We are currently fostering 14 donkeys for adoption, many from neglect or surrender situations. We would love to have you out to meet the donkeys and help us spread the word about the wonderful attributes of the “invisible” equine, Equus Assinus . The donkey helped build this country often taking the jobs a horse would not or could not accomplish. And without the humble donkey, there would be no mule, arguably the single most important animal before the advent of the steam engine.

    PVDR currently has over 3000 donkeys under their stewardship. We are one of 15 satellite adoption facilities throughout the country. PVDR is based in San Angelo ,TX. Feel free to check out our Facebook page at “Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue,Oregon City,OR” We currently have over 2300 followers from around the world.

    Thank you for your time,
    Jim and Rhonda Urquhart


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