New Orleans’ Andrew Duhon Trio

Agreed. Portland’s music scene is vibrant, inventive, friendly and sharing. Here comes the chance to catch what the New Orleans vibe offers. The trio is distilled down to the essentials. But their sound fills every corner as you will see and hear when you catch their Portland date.

Andrew Duhon: Reading Between the Lines

New Orleans, LA’s Andrew Duhon is hitting the road in support of his latest, The Moorings, a twelve-track collection of blues and folk inspired tunes that are equally soulful and melodic. See the Trio play at Mississippi Pizza Wednesday, November 19, 2014.

andrew duhon
What gets us, as human beings, interested in doing something? Be it medicine, music, or cooking. I like hearing about the “aha” moments, though they don’t happen to everybody.


Andrew did the usual high school student things. Until he discovered reading and writing. It seems like it sealed his deal. From his bio…

Andrew Duhon began writing in high school spurred on by a fascination with the literary works of Emerson and Thoreau as well as poets Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. During the summer of ’04 Andrew worked and lived at an old retreat house on the outskirts of the French Quarter. It was then that he fell in love with the character of New Orleans. A year later hurricane Katrina left the city and his former French Quarter home crippled. The blues that he had found in the French Quarter rang true as he continued to write.

The honesty in Andrew Duhon’s songwriting is a result of the self-realization that he has found through his writing. His music and performances reflect his personal perspective in a very real way, and his voice leaves no gaps in the experience as he sings with a conviction all too befitting of his raw, personal writings.

A Conversation with Andrew Duhon

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