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Here’s the album version of KT Tunstall’s new single ‘Feel It All’ from the album Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon. The album comes out in the US on Aug. 6. KT will be in Portland for a show at the Aladdin Theater on Oct. 15, 2013. [highlight]Watch the video for the new song above[/highlight].


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Feel It All Lyrics

I’m growing like a seed
Rains been falling on me
I’ve been covered in cold
I’ve been shrouded and downed
My heart is on a wire
Sailing pretty like a bird
But the hunter is out
And the eagle is hurt

The word that I
Feel, feel it all
Yes, I can feel
Feel it all

I’m looking to the sky
And I’ll be listening to the stars
And maybe thinking of you
And wondering where you are
Do you know what you’ve done for me
You made my branches grow
Now they can play with the wind
And they can carry the snow

And they can feel
Feel it all
Yes, they can feel,
Feel it all

So take what you want
Leave what you don’t need
And I’ll go looking for you
You keep your eye out for me
’cause our heart is on a wire
Sitting pretty like a bird
But the hunter is hunting
And the eagle is us

And we can feel
Feel it all
Yes, we can feel
Feel it all

Oh, we can feel
Feel it all
Oh, we can feel
Feel it all
Feel, feel
Feel it all
And we can
Feel, feel it all

Feel, feel
Feel it all
Oh, we can
Feel, feel
we can feel
feel it all
Feel, feel
Feel it all

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KT on the new album

A big thing about the album for me is that I don’t care if it’s sad. I want it to be an emotional experience. But I don’t actually think it is a sad album. Melancholic is probably quite a good description of it. But it really is me now coming from a place where I don’t feel the need to please anybody but myself. I always liked to think that’s where I was before – but I don’t think I was.

KT Tunstall Concert Details

with Brian Lopez
Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013 at 8:00pm
Aladdin Theater
Tickets: $25.00



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  1. Leann Warren
    Leann Warren says:

    I’m typically not a fan of music videos — mostly because I want my own images and stories to go along with songs. That being said, the cinematography of this is great, I love KT Tunstall, and really like this song. Thumbs up.


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