Loreena McKennitt

The music of world music artist Loreena McKennitt has been described as lovely, etherial, lush and poetic. A superb storyteller, her songs are often rich with myth and imagery.

Her new “The Journey So Far” gives music connoisseur’s the opportunity to enjoy most all the musical highlights of her nearly 30-year career.

About Loreena McKennitt

A native of Manitoba, McKennitt developed a passion for Celtic music at a young age. She learned to play Celtic harp and issued her first release “Elemental,” which she recorded in one week, in 1985. She’s received accolades from music reviewers and has received two Grammy nominations, two Juno Awards, and was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Western Canadian Music Awards.

McKennitt plays piano, synthesizer, harp and accordion. When touring she performs with accomplished musicians including Caroline Lavelle (cello) and musicians from as far away as England, Greece and the Middle East.

“Journey so Far” includes “The Mystic’s Dream” from her 1994 “The Mask and Mirror,” “Down by the Salley Gardens,” a song taken from a poem by Yeats (and one of the most recorded Irish songs of all times), and a wonderful remix of the popular “Mummer’s Dance” from her 1997 “Book of Secrets.”

Her beautiful “Dante’s Prayer” is also included here.

McKennitt has received numerous awards including a Juno Award for her album “The Visit” in 1992, which contained the songs “Tango to Evora” and “The Lady of Shalott,” which is included on “Journey”. The latter describes the story of Camelot, more specifically, Lady Guinevere’s search for love in the form of Sir Lancelot.  Often played in performances by McKennitt, the song is a fan favorite sure to bring peaceful pleasure to your ears.

For those seeking meaningful music by the loveliest of vocalists, this “Best of” collection is highlighted with intricate and delightful instrumentation throughout, and comes highly recommended.

You can find McKennitt’s music online at amazon, on iTunes, or on her website: http://www.quinlanroad.com/

Upcoming tour dates

There are no upcoming concerts currently scheduled, but we hope to hear news of a northwest appearance soon. Or perhaps. better yet, let’s hope to catch her performing live in a concert hall in some faraway destination along travels all our own.

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