Kurt Vile’s  newest “Watch My Moves” is one for your collection.

Released in April, this dreamy, meandering 15-track album of commanding psych-folk compositions is hard to resist.

On his new album, the former lead guitarist of rock band the War on Drugs is focusing on the here and now. Recorded in Vile’s new home-based OKV Centra studio, the new release conveys a man at peace with himself. 

The album’s forte’?  The many lush, dreamy guitars that form the backdrop for his narratives. 

Opening the new release is “Going on a Plane Today.” Here, Vile’s playful piano and understated humor set the stage.

As the album ambles along, names like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Randy Newman come to mind.  Could we be watching the slow unfolding of America’s next songwriting icon?

Vile’s “Palace of OKV in Reverse” is a gorgeous, complex, low-key jam. “Fo Sho” lets us rock out with some gnarly, super cool guitar passages.

And warm, free-wheeling “Flyin (like a fast train)” is such perfect respite from life’s pressures.

Vile became acquainted with Chastity Belt via friend and musician Courtney Barnett.  They add their lovely touch to his soothing “Chazzy Don’t Mind.” 

“Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone)” may be the album’s centerpiece, and it’s on our playlist.

Filled with laid-back, evocative guitar and simple storytelling, “Airy Hill” is impressionistic dream pop. Like a warm summer breeze, it’s so good to hangout there.

Mount Airy Hill (Way Gone)

In hectic times like ours, the ability to conversationally share delight about life’s little things through music means a lot. It seems Vile’s new home-based studio has proven its worth. The new album comes with a color booklet of lyrics, plus, adorable pics of his kids.

In short?

Via gorgeous guitars and uplifting arrangements, the Philadelphia native succeeds mightily. 

“Watch My Moves” is a bit less of the Indie rock vibe than Vile’s 2015 “B’lieve I’m Goin’ Down,“ but it’s equally impressive and perfect summertime fare.

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