Nastacia Voisin & Robert Parish

Some things are too precious to let slip away.

Wisdom of the Elders, a Portland-based non-profit, believes that insight from generations of folklore via stories is one of those things.

The organization records and preserves traditional cultural values, oral histories and other messages of guidance in hopes of regenerating the greatness of culture among current and future generations of native peoples.

Founded in 1993 by Rose High Bear and her late husband, Martin, Wisdom of the Elders also works to empower reconciliation between Indians and non-Indians.

The 10th Annual Northwest Indian Storytelling Festival – one of Wisdom’s signature events – takes place from October 16 and 17, 2015 at various locations in the Portland Metro area.

Perspective from Wisdom of the Elders is also available on audio and video. Wisdom of the Elders Radio, a series of hour-long programs, features oral histories, environmental science, storytelling and music.

We featured Wisdom of the Elders this week as part of our Community Voices series. You can find our entire audio interview with Executive Director Rose High Bear, below.