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New first-rate track from Highchair Kings

Portland Radio Project added new track “Suckers of the World” by Indie Power Pop Rockers “Highchair Kings” to our playlist this week. This fierce 3-member band from Minneapolis deserve accolades for keeping the spirit of old-fashioned American rock alive within appealing, sincere arrangements.

We had a chance to visit with lead singer Trevor Lettman and learned a few things about this enterprising, up-and-coming trio.

PRP: “How did you get your start in music?”

Lettman: “My cousin got me Elton John’s “Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboys” album when I was about 12 and I became obsessed with it. I started guitar lessons the following year, but never did my homework because I started writing songs immediately and the teacher eventually fired me. My first band, “The Marauders,” was formed at age 14. We had a wicked sharp-edged logo with blood dripping off it; our first gig was in a church basement.”

PRP: “Favorite bands & main musical influences?”

Lettman: “Bands and artists I simply can’t get away from: Sade (Love Deluxe is still amazing!), American Music Club, Spouse and the entire Smiths and Cure catalogs. As a songwriter and guitarist, I’ve really been influenced by The Replacements.”

PRP: “Tell us a little bit about what the inspiration was behind “Suckers of the World”?”

Lettman: “It’s subtly woven in, but the song is about a devout Christian I once dated and my disdain for religion in general. I’m kind of a Pantheist – the world is what we see, and what science (the language of the universe) can tell us – and it’s awesome. Everything else seems silly and dangerous to me. So the lyrics are about everyone being duped I know that might sound harsh to some people, but I really think that religion is going to be what does us in – we take it on the chin.”

MusicNote Suckers of the World


PRP: “What have you been most excited about in the last 12 months?”

Lettman: “We’ve gotten a lot of support from our fans on social media! The most amazing people have stepped up to help us promote the music, and we’re really grateful.”

“Also,” says Lettman, “we’re coming together more as a band, and you can hear it in the new material. Oh – and I picked up a shiny blue Gretsch “Hot Rod” guitar! It sounds HUGE.”

PRP: “Which track so far, has been getting the most airplay from the EP?”

Lettman: “It’s not officially released yet, but some podcasts have added “Crush Gravel” to their shows. It’s definitely the most straight-ahead rock song on the EP. “Endo” will most likely be pushed as the single, as it’s kind of the hub in our wheel.”

PRP: “What’s the band looking forward to this summer and fall?”

Lettman: “Finally getting the “SIX” EP out in June!! We’ve been tweaking things for a long time now, and have been trying to find our identity as a band. Right now we’re building out a new recording studio plus working on the next release.”

Highchair Kings band members are Jared Hedberg, bass; Trevor Lettman, guitar and vocals, and Peter Anderson, drums.

Lettman says the band is working on a tour with Aussie band Enola Fall  we hope to see both bands play live in Portland soon.

The new EP is set to release June 19; meantime, you can find Highchair Kings music on Noisetrade – we’re sure they’ll appreciate your support.

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