Ill Lucid Onset

For Ill Lucid Onset, early 2012 was a time of personnel changes and a move into the future. The EP, Lives in Me was a timestamp and nod to the past. Now, nothing’s too precious when it comes to figuring out what’s next for ILO.

To stand out in Portland with music we really like ourselves

ILO’s bassist Jim Bariault shot me an email recently with the crazy news that fans were all over them, not just being enthusiastic at recent shows, but we are talking global reach in followers and listens. As far as Asia! There’s a growing fascination for American-made music, and I guess there’s always been. But it is crazy good when it happens to one of our Portland bands. (Maybe it’s that “Portland” cache….).


Lots of good things rockin’ inside the ILO camp. It’s back to the studio to continue with the as-yet-to-be-named album. Band founder and singer-songwriter Ryan Aiello suggested it might even be self-titled. That suggests to me taking a firm “true to yourself” stand! But then…you know how it goes when it comes to naming bands, babies and album collections. Check out our conversation, below.

ILO Interview

ILO concert

The dynamic duo of Jim and Ryan in action.

The dynamic duo of Jim and Ryan in action, above.  But we know that is only a piece of ILO. Everyone has a part to play, from Ryan Aiello on lead vocals/guitars, to Gian Herrera on the drums, Jim on the bass, Jonathan Wood on the lead guitar/vocals and Jason Henderson on keys/vocals/guitar.


Check out more on ILO HERE.

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