We finally had a chance to hear dynamic blues guitarist Ayron Jones and his band perform live at this year’s Waterfront Blues Fest.

The 3-member Ayron Jones and The Way enthralled a continually growing crowd with their incendiary 7-track setlist that included “Boys,” “Baptized,” “Rockstar” and a special crowd-pleaser, their cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

From Seattle, the band released their first album “Dream” in October, 2013.  Jones is set to finish recording his second studio album so we thought it timely to check in with this masterful musician and get caught up.

PRP: “How did you get started in music?”

AJ: “I’ve always been interested in music since early childhood, and also through the performing arts through church. After I got out of school things really took off!”

PRP: “Who were your early influences?”

AJ: “I fell in love with guitar after seeing Stevie Ray Vaughn perform at Austin City Limits but also really love Buddy Guy, Albert King and B.B. King.”

PRP: “Where do you get inspiration for your songwriting?”

AJ: “I look at things from the outside in…just life in general, I draw on a lot of experiences of life.”

PRP: “Which songs are your favorites to perform live?”

AJ: “I enjoy all of them…my fans respond a lot to ‘My Love Remains.'”

MusicNote My Love Remains

PRP: “Which artists are you listening to right now?”

AJ: “I’m at the tail end of finishing the new album, I’ve been listening to a lot of pop artists, Michael Jackson is one. Also Gary Clark Jr.”

PRP: “Your favorite guitar?”

AJ: “I grew up with Stratocasters and feel at home when I have one in my arms.”

About Ayron Jones and The Way

Based in Seattle, the band has opened for both Robert Cray and BB King. Last year they performed at both SXSW and at the Sasquatch! Music Festival.

Ayron Jones and The Way are: Bob Lovelace, bass; Ayron Jones, electric guitar and lead vocals; and Ehssan Karimi, drums.

Watch here as Jones performs “Baptized in Muddy Waters” for Paste Magazine.


You can find music by Ayron Jones and The Way on iTunes ; look for videos, upcoming shows and music announcements on their website.

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