Founded in 1989, Neighborhood Partnerships (NP) began as small fund that teamed up with other local foundations to provide grants to neighborhood-based organizations. With the vision of bringing corporations and neighborhoods together to create long-term, lasting change, NP grew with the changing environment and evolving needs of the state, paying more attention to the importance of policy making and the affect legislation has on community members’ lives.

In 2003, NP took on the role of administering the Oregon Individual Development Account (IDA) Initiative. In 2004, the organization established the Oregon Housing Alliance, expanding its focus to state policy and empowering residents to have control of financial assets and the future of their neighborhoods.

By bringing Oregon leaders together and challenging preconceived ideas, NP believes we can solve financial instability in Oregon. To read the organization’s full story, visit their website.

This month, NP is hosting the RE:Conference at the Salem Convention Center from October 17-18. Click here to register.

This week we’re sitting down with key members of the organization to learn more about their efforts as a part of our award winning Community Voices series. These interviews will be posted below through out the week.