Naomi LaViolette

Naomi has worked over the spring, through the summer and now it’s autumn in full radiance. Time to celebrate that new baby! “You’ve Got Me” has arrived. Naturally, it’s party time!

Naomi LaViolette’s New EP Release

Following the release of her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album in 2012, it’s time for the release of her next record “You’ve Got Me” with a release show at the Alberta Rose Theater on Oct. 25,  at 8 p.m.  According to her press release, the EP represents:

…a new sound LaViolette has developed for herself over the past year, which she describes as ‘flirty and funky, with more groove. I’ve found what really connects me to audiences and I am writing in that style.’ On the record, and in live performances, LaViolette branches out from the grand piano to include vintage sounds with Rhodes, Hammond Organ and Wurlitzer keyboards. Her more retro keyboard style is reminiscent of both the funky rhythms of Billy Preston and classic folk-rock of Carole King, while her smooth vocals span the sultry blues of Norah Jones to the ambience of Sarah McLachlan.  All songs on the record are written by LaViolette, with the title track including co-writer Justin Jude. The songs tell stories of falling in love, life lessons and heartbreak, while striking a distinctive balance between sweet flirtation, soul-searching and gratitude.

Naomi Joined Us at Mountain Air Studios this Spring

I admit to a fair bit of envy when I see how some of us can pinpoint our lives in such a direct path! I mean, how good is that, to say “YES! Here’s who I am.” To know, unequivocally, that it’s music you can and must do. Liking too that Naomi gives herself lots of room to breathe inside that definition and looks for small, everyday bits of life for much of her inspiration. That, I think, is what makes songs like her “My Superman” work so well. Check it out inside our conversation below.

I hadn’t talked with Naomi since her debut album came out last year. Loads to catch up on. There are some fresh collaborations in the works that include Matt Brown and Josh Malm! And a new album starts to take shape this month!


The piano and keyboard await! Both Naomi and I did the classic piano training during our kid days at almost exactly a piano like the one above. Upright, and wonderfully worn. The keyboard is reflective of some new ideas swimming around in Naomi’s head right now: a mix of old and new tech.


Before we turn on the bright lights at Mountain Air, a soundcheck. Naomi brought that little beauty to the session on her back (Well, in the back seat of her car actually!). Nice to be mobile.



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