So, Erin Coburn just had a birthday.

Which makes her now a 15 year old musical prodigy and phenom, all rolled into one. Erin stopped into PRP during her 2016 Radio Tour, to share some tunes and a bit about her story.

Erin hails from a Cincinnati suburb in Northern Kentucky. She has been playing gigs since the age of 10, and booking gigs since she was 13. And the future looks extremely bright for this talented singer/songwriter.

Her heartfelt and strong/delicate guitar style is not to be missed. The lyrics from her own compositions reveal an insight into living in the moment that many people never attain. But, it’s the combination of backbeat, instrument, lyric and melody with her soulful voice that makes for an unmistakable experience.

Erin’s debut album “Chaos Before Conformity,”  was released in October 2015 and almost immediately cracked the Top 100 in the Americana Radio charts. Any attempt at classifying her into one genre of music would be a mistake–she adds her own flavor to Blues, Country, Alternative and more. You can hear that during this podcast as she performs “Let the Worries Fly.”

Expect to hear much more from Erin Coburn as she flies forward on her musical journey.