Looking for new bands and artists to tickle your earbuds?

From Canada and Norway, respectively, here are a couple of talented musical acts you might love.


Twin sisters Romy and Sari Lightman, formerly of Ghost Bees,  formed indie-folk / dream-pop Tasseomancy in 2010.

They’ve released several albums including debut “Ulalume” (2011) and “Palm Wine Revisited” (2015), and signed with Bella Union  (Arc Iris, Beach House) for their new release, “Do Easy.”

A bit of trivia: while touring with band Austra in 2011, they opened for one of Arcade Fire’s shows in Europe.

Their etherial melodies make for lovely escapism…most tracks boast their distinctive, wistful vocals, imparting a different, non-mainstream but vibrant sound.

Here’s the opening track from Do Easy, “Dead Can Dance & Neil Young:”

Dead Can Dance & Neil Young

Musicians appearing with the Toronto-based band on “Do Easy” include Brodie West, alto sax; Sam Gleason, guitar; Charles James, bass; Rych Driver, flute; Simone Schmidt, vocals; and Evan Cartwright, drums.

Find music by Tasseomancy on bandcamp or on iTunes .

Hilma Nikolaisen

Formerly bass player in her brother Emil’s influential Norwegian band “Serena-Maneesh,” Hilma Nikolaisen recently released debut album “Puzzler.”

Nikolaisen – who wrote and arranged each song and produced the album herself – is accompanied by a bevy of talented musicians on the new release.

New single “Hermitage” is a sunny pop journey with a fun chorus and playful guitar hooks.

Have a listen:


She breathes a breath of fresh air into the music scene, artfully blending rock, psych and noisepop.

Find the rich textures and ambitious, upbeat pop melodies of Hilma Nikolaisen on iTunes  and on her bandcamp page.

More music scene news: Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes is soon to return with their first new music in six years.

Known for their iconic indie sound with its abundant folk-rock harmonies, the band releases the new album June 16.

Their debut “Fleet Foxes” release made them even more popular in Europe than in the U.S.; it was rated album of the year by Billboard’s Critic’s Choice.

The new release is titled “Crack-Up,” and we can’t wait to hear it.

Until then, enjoy a few new album highlights from their trailer:

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