Murphy The Horse Needs Your Help

When you hear the names Red, Monty, Diesel, Asher, Major, Zeus and Murphy you might think they are members of a new indie band. But anyone who knows anything about Portland’s Mounted Patrol knows the above mentioned are horses.

Murphy made national headlines last month not only for losing 200 pounds just to be accepted by the patrol but because he nabbed a bad guy his first week on the job.


Murphy has been rewarded with his own limited edition T-shirt that Friends Of The Mounted Patrol hope will help them reach their goal of $400,000 to cover the non-personnel costs of running the barn, equipment, and other expenses.

Each year at budget time the Portland Mounted Patrol faces the possibility of being put out to pasture. Buying a T-shirt or just making a donation can keep that from becoming reality.

Murphy T-Shirt

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