Nonprofits tackle some of the most intractable problems in our society. They do this typically under-resourced but with great passion for their mission. What do they do when they need a specific professional skill to build more mission capacity?

Here’s where the encore movement comes in. It’s a phenomenon that’s been gathering momentum for a decade as part of a renewed cultural focus on the social impact that older, experienced professionals can have. With their specialized knowledge and years of experience, these pro bono professionals have the potential to be a huge boon to nonprofits seeking expert help.

Learn how this social movement is coming to fruition – and how nonprofits can benefit – by listening to the first episode of the Moving Lives Forward Podcast: Want Impact….Try This!

This episode covers…

  • What is the encore movement and why is it important?
  • How is the movement showing up in the Portland metro area?
  • Who is attracted to serve as a professionally skilled volunteer? What’s in it for them?
  • Why would a nonprofit embrace this type of volunteerism?
  • And more!

Listen here:

The Moving Lives Forward Podcast is hosted by Rebecca Webb, cofounder of Portland Radio Project. Joining Rebecca on this episode are the following panelists:

Janis Jasinsky  | Co-Founder, Social Purpose Works

Russell Williams | Vice President of Human Resources, PARC

Judy Strand | CEO, Metropolitan Family Service (MFS)

Lee LaTour  | Marketing, Communication, and Business Development Expert

Dani Swope  | Executive Director, The Children’s Book Bank

Nick Sauvie  | Executive Director, ROSE Community Development


The Moving Lives Forward Podcast is supported by Metropolitan Family Service