Midlake’s Moment of Zen

You wouldn’t think it would have arrived from Denton, Texas — that zen-ish thing. But you never know where brilliance and recognition will strike. Midlake’s new frontman Eric Pulido is the sort of musician I like.  Both in the music and in conversation. It’s like meeting a like-minded traveler on the road. That means we get to take in a breath of ethereal beauty together and relax into the next steps of the  journey.

The new album Antiphon from Midlake right there is enough to make me stop in my tracks. Merriam Webster says antiphon is “… a verse usually from Scripture said or sung before and after a canticle, psalm, or psalm verse as part of the liturgy.”

Now, I am not a liturgical person but I do love a good spiritual hit. Especially when it comes to talking ideas. Midlake deals in ideas. Dig into our conversation, below.


Who We Listen to Right Now

Eric and I talked about who we listen to right now. He mentioned label-mate John Grant. By coincidence, John was on Dave Letterman the other night.

Check that and a video from John, below.

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