Let’s begin with a few definitions. From the Oxford Dictionary, “From French renaissance, from re- ‘back, again’ + naissance ‘birth’ (from Latin nascentia, from nasci ‘be born’). (as noun a renaissance) A revival of or renewed interest in something: a period of new growth or activity. And from Merriam-Webster: “a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity”. I don’t know how vigorous Bert Sperling has been, but, enough nurturing and coaxing and shaping has happened over the last few years to finally bring this new project to life. And, says Bert, it’s a relief to get that part behind him and make room for a period of just living and letting new ideas and experiences in, in preparation for the next round.




It takes guts, courage, and skill to let our inner life come out into the public square. Some do it through books, or poetry, painting, conversation or even a sport. And for others it is all distilled through music: the lyrics and the notes in-between. For our thoughtful hero who is both curious and a “humorous cynic” as Bert describes himself, it’s been a several year process to bring the new album together. Not much hiding behind vague lyrics on this 12-song collection, as the second song in, “Every Morning”, will tell you:

Every morning I wake up thinking, Goddamn I gotta quit drinking. By the time the sun goes down, I’m f***ing sucking a cold one down. Every time I try to control it, sleeping demons just get emboldened. Then they keep on f***ing with me until I’m the drunk that they want me to be. And I know there is nothing that can save me, I’m going to have to save myself




Bert told me, in our recent conversation from Los Angeles, he hopes by revealing that vulnerability and moving honestly in each song,  that it can strike a universal chord in the listener. We talked about the artistic process, the willingness to take a chance and be yourself. Finding the universal through the specific. The challenges? Putting daily feelings and thoughts into music and the biggest challenge? Getting the music heard. Which you can.