Relive the Beatles’ first visit to America with us through exclusive interviews with those who were there, plus the original vinyl recordings from the British Invasion of February 1964. Streaming the encore presentation Saturday, February 15 at Noon (Pacific time) at Followed immediately by an exclusive archived interview with the man who influenced the Fab Four.



As we celebrate 50 years of Beatlemania, it may be equally important to celebrate and recognize the American musicians who were a major influence on the “Fab Four.”  Robert Parish had the opportunity to spend some time with Carl Perkins in 1978! You’ll hear the interview following our encore Beatles show.


Celebrate the Beatles Legendary U.S. Tour



Portland Radio Project is made up of a lot of music lovers, Beatles fans among them. We’re really excited and pleased to bring you a nearly two hour show made up of  exclusive interview bits, and recordings from the Fab’s amazing whirlwind in New York City and on the stage at Studio 50 when they were invited to do the Ed Sullivan Show.


Don’t miss the show. 50 years ago to the day the Beatles were on the stage for the Ed Sullivan Show. Sunday February 9 at 6PM Pacific.


TimeOut New York has a fun quiz. Check that out below.  And read further down to hear an exclusive lost John Lennon interview.

Liverpool may be the Beatles’ birthplace, but New York is arguably where the band became a worldwide sensation. The Fab Four’s inaugural appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964, not only introduced them to America en masse—approximately 73 million people tuned in for the lads’ performance, a record-breaking number—but it took Beatlemania, and the concept of fandom itself, to a whole other level, cementing the band’s status as a full-on cultural phenomenon. (Every time you see a teen girl sobbing over One Direction or some other assemblage of cute, mop-topped guys, you have John, Paul, George and Ringo to thank.)

Beatles quiz: Call yourself a Beatlemaniac? Prove it! How much of a Fab Four expert are you? Test your knowledge with our (actually quite hard) quiz by clicking through the image.


The gifts just keep on coming to us Mop Tops fans and those whose favorite Beatles was … well, read on and listen to Part 1.  The Hard Rock site features the entire interview segments.


In December of 1968, Keele University student Maurice Hindle was given the opportunity of a lifetime when his letter to a Beatles fanzine requesting an interview with John Lennon was answered – by Lennon himself. Maurice spent hours at Lennon’s Surrey home while John and Yoko gave a candid, fascinating glimpse into the lives of these great artists and their roles as the counterculture’s leading icons.

Some of the most dramatic portions of the interview center on John’s reaction to a letter that appeared in the October 1968 issue of The Black Dwarf – a leftist political and cultural newspaper published by Tariq Ali. Maurice showed the somewhat scathing letter to John and what followed was a fascinating, stream-of-consciousness discourse on politics, life and music. Shortly after his encounter with Hindle, John wrote a rebuttal letter to The Black Dwarf which appeared in the January 1969 issue.

The audio tapes of the interview were acquired by the Hard Rock in 1987 and we’re proud to present them here in their entirety. The audio is divided into three sections – parts 1 and 2 of the Lennon interview and a fascinating contemporary memoir of the experience by Maurice Hindle himself. Transcripts are linked below and we’ve also included some provocative quotations from both issues of The Black Dwarf and some of the historic John Lennon memorabilia from our global collection.

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  1. Gloria
    Gloria says:

    Thanks for providing the quiz, Inessa! I thought I was a better Beatles expert than I proved to be (I only got 4 out of 10)…..yikes!

    • Inessa
      Inessa says:

      I know! Challenging. The devil in the details for sure. I will have to ask Archer (host and producer of our Beatles special on Sunday evening) to take the quiz an fess up to how he did.

  2. Gary Jarvis
    Gary Jarvis says:

    Sadly, I only got 3 correct! Was pretty sure I got 6 or 7… Was completely stumped on 3 or 4; was sure on 3 (the only 3 I got correct)… So much for my musical prowess with the Beatles!!! Great quiz. Maybe, I am simply getting old! I used to pay closer attention…

    Gary J.
    Sweet Home.

    • Inessa
      Inessa says:

      Ha Gary, I only got 2 right. I REALLY wasn’t paying attention but thankfully our guy who produced the show you will hear on Sunday evening was and he scored 10/10.


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