Many Roads to Here: A Daughter of Two Countries

Join us this Sunday, January 2nd at 4pm for the return of Many Roads to Here, a production of The Immigrant Story, capturing the immigrant experience in the U.S. through monthly profiles. Voices from across the globe offer intimate accounts of immigration, war, genocide, and success. Listen live at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland – or online anywhere at

Ricki Mudd was born in 1993 in Quzhou, China but was adopted when she was four years old by a White American family living in SeaTac, Washington.  For the rest of her childhood, Ricki would be raised in SeaTac with eight siblings. Her roots would eventually lead her back to China and her birth family in a series of life changing events. In this remarkable journey of self-discovery, Ricki learns to navigate her identity as a daughter of two different families in two different countries. Olivia Wolf, who is an adoptee herself, has her story.

Many Roads to Here is a production of The Immigrant Story. This episode was produced using equipment funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council. It was produced by Olivia Wolf with audio editing by Rick March, assisted by Gregg Palmer. Our executive producer is Sankar Raman.

Original post written by Olivia Wolf.

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