Making Rosewood a Better Place

The Rosewood Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the Rosewood area a desirable place to live, play, and work. The Rosewood neighborhood is centered on the intersection of 162nd and Burnside, and is encompassed by 15 blocks of residential and commercial space. The area includes parts of Portland and Gresham, and is home to roughly 5,000 people.

This organization envisions a neighborhood where people want to live, and where businesses can thrive. The goal is to create better access to public transportation, increased safety and security, and mentorship and apprenticeship programs to empower the younger generations as well as people who are disadvantaged and new residents.

One great program that is partnering with The Rosewood Initiative is Rosewood Bikes. Open from 4-6pm on Thursdays, the bike shop will fix residents’ bikes for free and teach them how to make future repairs. They hope to expand into a full service bike shop, where they will have accessories (helmets, locks, etc.) and used bikes for sale. The shop is located at The Rosewood Initiative’s Community Center on the corner of 161st & Stark. profiled The Rosewood Initiative and Rosewood Bikes as part of our award-winning Community Voices series. The podcasts, featuring key members of the organization, are below.

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