Look Up. Look Down. All Around.

Belinda Underwood lives in two extremes. In a universe as mysterious, enormous  and  wide as any Cosmos might envision. As intimate and fragile as any small flutteryby on a summer’s afternoon. A new album propels all that to a complete vision.

Look to the Skies

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The new Belinda Underwood album is Look to the Skies. Look, not just up, but down and around and inside and out, is the message. We are all connected and our similar needs and hopes connect our mutual desires and efforts for a life well-lived.


Belinda calls her style of playing “eco-music” and as you listen to our conversation you meet a woman who has been thoughtful and aware from at LEAST the age of five. (What was YOUR first memory, I wonder?)

Belinda performs in every seeming Portland nook and cranny. That includes a place at PDX. Check out a performance in the the atrium. Chilling the harried souls of travelers everywhere.

In keeping with doing EVERYTHING that catches her attention, check out the work Belinda did recently at Mountain Air Studios we had in a session for The Vulva Underground.

Last Word to Oregon Music News

Great piece on Belinda HERE. Check it out.

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