Week eight of the new Portland Radio Project (PRP) and  Portland Center Stage (PCS) concert series “Local Spins” showcases tribal-hypsy-reggae-rocksters The Sale.

Like a warm embrace on a brisk fall day, The Sale’s harmonies wrap the listener in intimate atmospherics. Bre Paletta’s vocals deepen in duet with Justin Bennett, and both are enriched by a cast of rotating players that weave in guitars, cello and percussion.  Their voice-forward sound evokes Fleetwood Mac or Acoustic Minds, and comes from a truly genuine emotional place.

In their words, “The Sale’s songs speak to the joy and pains of life, the soul journey, and self-realization. Abundant and pressing at the seams with vivid metaphor and insightful wisdom, they let you see who they are and give you a glimpse inside yourself.”

The Sale’s unique genre beckons to be heard, for theirs is “music for the movement of body and soul.” Listen in during Portland Radio Project’s Local Spins session on Tuesday, November 3, 6:30 p.m. at the historic Armory in the Pearl District.

Concert admission is free and open to the public. (No show ticket is required.) However, if you plan to attend a Local Spins concert, and would like to stay and see that night’s PCS play, enter the promo code: LOCALSPIN at pcs.org to get $10 off show tickets.

Next week, November 7: The soulful and bluesy singer-songwriter Amber Sweeney.

Photo by Free Man Photography.