English Indie rock band Little Comets released an astonishing 3 new Extended Play (EP) recordings last year, the most recent being their splendid, under-the-radar “The Sanguine.” It’s an excellent example of how the most talented bands today find ways to stay afloat via their musical prowess, creative songwriting and ingenuity.

Let’s take a look at what makes this, their most recent EP, so unique.

Released independently on their own The Smallest Label, “The Sanguine” opens with the lush pop-rock fireworks of “Ex-Cathedra.” It’s a fairly fascinating track addressing the topic of papacy-based morality. Though we might never expect a song like this to be quite so fun, it’s delightfully cheerful. It’s a sure bet fans enjoy memorizing song lyrics lead singer Rob Coles makes sound easy, but are tricky.


Little Comets’ musical favorites include singer-songwriter Paul Simon. His influence on “The Sanguine” is certainly felt on many tracks, including “Cover Your Rain,” a light, lovely melody about staying positive amidst small doubts.

About Little Comets

From England, Little Comets are classically trained Robert Coles, lead vocals, guitar and piano; Michael Coles, lead guitar, backing vocals; Matt Hall, bass guitar, backing vocals.

Little Comets released their upbeat debut single “One Night in October” in 2009, and their debut album “In Search of Elusive Little Comets in 2011.

The following year brought them more success when their delightful “Dancing Song” was used in a UK commercial for bath products.

Little Comets are known for charming their fans with free, impromptu performances in diverse public settings ranging from public transportation to college campus classrooms. Despite the seemingly despondent topics they choose, the band is gifted in finding creative ways to examine current, fairly serious events ranging from economic inequity and assisted suicide to genocide in Darfur. Yet, their music always entertains, soothes and uplifts.

The Assisted, a composition for piano that explores assisted suicide, is hugely astounding. Have a listen.

The Assisted

New album set to release February 16

Currently, Little Comets are getting ready to release their third album “Hope is Just a State of Mind.” While PRP only recently became acquainted with this innovative band, we’re excitedly anticipating this, their third album. Sample, here.

Little Comets maintain a meticulous music blog on their website where you can find lyrics and read about the inspirations behind each song. We wish more bands don’t follow suit, since most music lovers find this sort of thing fun, helpful and interesting.

This is an amazing band certainly deserving of a wider audience. We hope their music gets airplay on more US alternative radio stations in the near future, and of course, PRP would love to host them for an in-studio performance sometime.

Their pledge campaign is available only in the U.K., but you can find their music online at iTunes and on their website .

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