“The main reason for this blog is to say a huge thank you to every person who has supported our third album and helped it to reach number 31 in the UK album charts.”  

So reads the latest blog post by the U.K.’s Little Comets, who’ve just released “Hope is Just a State of Mind” – their third full-length CD, on their own “The Smallest Label.”

What new musical souvenirs does this innovative Indie rock trio bring into our lives this time?

Their newest album opens with uplifting “My Boy William,” a reflective account lead singer Robert Coles wrote about hopes for his toddler son – a track Portland Radio Project has just added to our playlist.

Other highlights: upbeat “Little Italy” with its interesting chord progressions, “The Assisted,” an impressionistic composition for piano exploring assisted suicide that’s musically astounding, plus, the fun, lush pop-rock fireworks of “Ex-Cathedra.”

Following Little Comets prolific release of 3 separate EP’s last year, the new album was first available last month for pre-order on pledgemusic.com. In their typical resourceful fashion, band members playfully enlisted fans for support via a youtube post here.

Their optimistic marketing efforts have paid off; “Hope” is currently at #5 on the UK’s Top 40 Indie Albums Chart.

Great lyrics, catchy rhythms, interesting musical textures and staccato-style vocals are some of the hallmarks of these thought-provoking young musicians. Here’s “Fundamental Little Things”:

About Little Comets

From the English towns of Jarrow and Washington, Little Comets are classically trained Robert Coles, lead vocals and guitar; his brother Michael Coles, lead guitar, backing vocals; and Matt Hall, bass guitar, backing vocals.

The band’s musical favorites include singer-songwriter Paul Simon. His influence is certainly felt on many tracks – some may remind you of Simon’s “Graceland” period.

Avid songwriters, they often exploring dishonesty in the political realm, or wanting to change society for the better. In fact, Little Comets might be described as a cerebral sort of band, but don’t let that fool you. Their music is at times anthemic, at times charming, but always filled to-the-brim with interesting musical passages, agility and fun.

Exceptional closing track

“Great message AND sound”  “a song with substance, finally” are but 2 of the comments fans have posted to their soundcloud for the album’s closer. It’s the somber “The Blur, the Line, and the Thickest of Onions.” Exploring misogyny in both popular music and culture, it’s a powerful and plaintive track – have a listen at 1:23:

This is an amazing band certainly deserving of a wider audience – PRP hopes the music of Little Comets gets airplay on more US alternative radio stations in the near future.

Currently on tour to promote the new album, let’s hope they play some U.S. dates soon.

You can find their music on iTunes and amazon .

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