A Friday event at Portland State University promises to be one of a kind: “Leap to Flame,” by Max Ribner and friends, a uniquely uplifting performance for all ages.

This won’t be just any ole music show. Rather, it is planned as a one-of-a-kind extravaganza. With three extraordinary musical acts, two CD releases, five dancers, and wonderfully nutritious treats this ambitious, family-friendly concert looks to be far from the usual fare. “Leap to Flame” is heart-and health-oriented, full of musical encouragement, and honors children, elders, and the arts – an event that Max Ribner envisioned over a year ago.

This all ages, kid-friendly show offers an amazing lineup of local talent that is sure to please everyone:

The Max Ribner Band promises to get you dancing while taking you on a spiritual journey of hope and inspiration. An 11-piece band offering gospel, soul, and jazz is deeply rooted in peace, compassion, and healing.  The concert will release “Leap to Flame”, the band’s second CD. Fifty of Portland’s top musicians are featured on the album, including Bibi McGill (of Beyoncè), Liv Warfield (of Prince), and the soaring vocals of Saeeda Wright.


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Youth Music Empowerment, a choir of young children, led by Max, and supported by the rhythm section of the Max Ribner Band.  A dry eye might be hard to find when these inspiring voices fill Lincoln Hall with soulful songs crafted by the children themselves.  This concert will also release “Wolf Pak,” the first CD of Youth Music Empowerment.  In each Youth Music Empowerment gathering, Max encourages the children to sing it loud, enlivening their faith in themselves and letting their personal muse shine brightly.  Through improvising, songwriting, and modeling positive health, Max gives these children a sacred outlet, a safe haven for their expression and development.  As the children continue participating, the flame of musical creativity grows within them and powerfully radiates out into their lives, choices, and actions.

Elder Sweet Medicine will provide Native American wisdom, storytelling, and ceremony.  Throughout the night there will be traditional songs that recall ancient simplicity and balance. Sweet Medicine is the spiritual leader of Four Winds Foundation, a collective of individuals dedicated to offering ceremonies, vision quests, rites of passage for youth, sweat lodges, women’s and men’s retreats, as well as classes in primitive skills.

Portland State University Jazz Camp’s students from The Shed, PSU’s Summer Intensive Workshop, will be joining Max Ribner Band for a few songs throughout the evening.

Nutritional Nourishment: Max advocates for health, inside and out. He plans to feature, at intermission, Kombucha from Townshends Tea Company.  Kilikina’s Chocolat will provide chocolates it creates using combinations of organic and raw Ecuadorian cacao, super-foods, medicinal herbs, spices, and essential oils.

The performance will be held Friday, July 18, 2014, at Lincoln Hall, 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are $20.00, students & low income, $10-15 sliding scale.