I hadn’t really thought about the word “epiphany” since reading loads of James Joyce in college classes, Joyce being the main man to bring the word to everyday use. But it’s all come flooding back! Thanks Laura Ivancie!

The Wake-up Call

Here’s the idea: bring together Portland-based female musical talents with the singular focus of guiding us towards the manifestation and realization  so, as James Joyce said, “We recognize that it is that thing which it is. Its soul, its whatness.” In this case the “whatness” is the amazing base of female talent within Portland! Laura Ivancie and I got together to talk about the what and the why of this female-artist driven evening called Epiphany, of which I feel there will be many more.

The Laura Ivancie Epiphany

EPIPHANY is meant to open our eyes to some amazing talent here in Portland. But if you miss it this time around, am more than reasonably certain there will be many more EPIPHANIES to come our way.

“Pretty Hurricane” is the newest single from Laura. You can hear it inside our conversation, below. There’s a law-of-attractions context to it and a lot more. Laura is a whirling dervish of ideas and really her own Ways and Means Committee all in one package.

Laura Ivancie Epiphany