From its early days, the Indie Music scene has provided a platform for artists to create, distribute, and connect directly with their fans. The genre itself is ever changing from its early days with The Smiths and R.E.M. –  to artists today, like Portland’s own Shannon Entropy. On this episode I had Shannon Entropy’s drummer, Kevin Wilbanks stop by to discuss the broad and ever changing landscape that is independent music. Kevin B&W

Kevin and I spoke about the artists on the PDX Spotlight Playlist and their impact on independent music. Some of the artists we played were People In Planes, The Deer Hunter, Sianvar, and The Shins. When he first started playing the drums, Kevin was listening to and was influenced by Metal bands. As he evolved as a player he was introduced to Indie Music which inspired him to explore his own creativity.

The broadcast had a ton of great insight from Kevin on his recording process, who he’s listening to now, and the forthcoming record from Shannon Entropy.

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