You wouldn’t even know it was pouring rain outside with the way Kate Nash performed Saturday night at Hawthorne Theater. Her brand new album Yesterday Was Today is her most ambitious, rambunctious, and fearless album to date and she shows it through her live performance. Nash’s all female backing band queued her entrance by playing the instrumentals from one of her older tracks, “Play,” and she soon pranced onto the stage, dawning a deep red skit and an outfit inspired by her role on the Netflix show Glow.

She warmed the crowd up with crowd favorites “Foundations” and “Mouthwash” before going into her newest single “Life in Pink” and continuing along with a string of songs off her new album. Kate Nash’s humor and shine throughout the show could be seen from all the way in the back as she laughed and joked with the crowd in between songs. During “Dickhead” she had the audience waving their middle fingers in the air with her and you could feel the strong, female energy the entire show.

The visuals that played in the background added a fun, psychedelic element but Nash made the show feel like one big party that celebrated individuality and the strength of being yourself. When she performed her spoken word track “Musical Theater” the crowd seemed to be in awe as they gazed at her, the lyrics resonated with most people in the room. It didn’t take long for her to bring the energy back up when she crawled into the crowd to sing with them. Nash ended her show with a cover of Meredith Brooke’s “Bitch,” a perfect song to sum up the feminist feuled night.