Every Monday and Wednesday morning, it’s our mission to bring you a new Artist discovery or go deeper with a favorite. This morning, it was a sublime session and lucky for us, filled with a lot of laughter and really great stories, and of course, live music to fill our space.. two special guests, Carly Baer, and a chance to Discover Joy Pearson with us.


Meet Joy Pearson




For now, all that exists on Joy’s soon-to-be fulfilled website is this:

Joy Pearson is a singer/songwriter from Portland Oregon.  Her first album, BREAKER, will be released in 2014.  The album will be a tribute to a hard year and a toast to a new one.


We are pretty certain there’s more to come. But here’s an introduction. Check out our conversation from this morning in the PRP studios. And head for a few upcoming live shows and catch Joy in person.


#LaLa (Love a Local Artist) Featuring Joy Pearson

#LaLa is a way for artists all over the Pacific NW and beyond to showcase their talents and cross pollenate with other musicians and fans.

Featured Artist: Joy Pearson Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 9 p.m.
Gemini Bar & Grill
456 N State Street
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034


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