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Josh Rehanek and Randal Wyatt on Sounds of PDX

If our listeners had one takeaway from last weeks show I hope it’s that they understand that Hip-Hop is more than a genre, it’s a culture. Hip-Hop has had an influence on many other genres of music, so this week on the show I wanted to explore that very idea. My special guests last Thursday were Josh Rehanek of ADDverse Effects and Randal Wyatt from Speaker Minds and 5th and Wyatt. As recording artists Josh and Randal gave our listeners an in-depth look into the Portland Hip-Hop scene, future projects, and their philosophy on the cultural impact of their craft. 2016-06-02 19.27.28-2

Like many fans of music we are familiar with the classic Walk This Way  by Aerosmith and RUN-DMC or hybrid bands like Linkin Park, but I wanted to talk about the not so obvious impact on popular music today.  Our PDX Spotlight Playlist showcased artists like Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, and Daft Punk. Other artists featured had influences of Hip-Hop displayed in their genera and own style. Those artists included Rage Against The Machine, Flume, Purity Ring, and many more.

We were also pleased to play the recently released single Over and Over by 5th and Wyatt. Randal spoke about the new single and his excitement to finally share it with his fans. 5th and Wyatt currently have a Go Fund Me  to help launch the project.  In the second hour we got to also hear the latest release by ADDverse Effects, Crystal. This new single displays the writing and produciton talent of the bands bassist, Benja Farber. I’ve been enjoying this track ever since it’s release this spring and I’m still impressed by Josh’s relentless, non-stop rapping for almost the entire duration of the song. Josh is also currently working on a track with Gene Rowan from Acorn Sound Production House and recording artist Berahmand! I’m really looking forward to hearing the finished product!

It was an evening and show that went by way too fast with great conversation and plenty of fans saying hello on the Talk Board. I can’t wait to see what both Randal and Josh have in store for us in 2016.  Randal is also the host of “Raising the Bars” every Thursday night after Sounds of PDX!

Please enjoy my interview with Josh and Randal.




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