Want to be in the movies? Filmed by Bike is looking for extras. Perks include free beer, Voodoo Doughnuts, fame, and glory.

Show up with your bike at Lincoln High School on Sunday, March 16 at 9:30 a.m. Dress for the weather but let your Timbers green and gold shine.  You’ll only be riding about 6 blocks for the film shoot so fun is the word of the day.  Bring your friends, make banners, decorate your bike, paint your face. and …..action!

The Official Spiel

Remember how iconic that Portlandia Dream of the 90s video was? This is kind of like that, only with the Timbers Army on bikes.

What’s more Portland than the Timbers Army and bikes? (well, maybe food carts and strip clubs, but that’s a very different project…) We’re creating an awesome bold video to promote the 12th Annual Filmed by Bike, a film festival featuring the best bike movies from around the world.

We want you in our video. You’ll only have to ride your bike slowly for about six blocks. This is really easy, super fun and we need a HUGE CROWD. Please spread the word! ~ Filmed by Bike

Get the details here.