Jeni Wren

Marching band. Music education. Theatre. What a triple-threat! It all set the stage in middle school for the career that is now unfolding for Jeni.

Coming out of a jazz background, Jeni is wrapping her distinctive voice around funk, soul and hip-hop. Her debut EP, North Star, is ready and is releasing officially on Sept. 19 at The Secret Society. The monthly fall residency with friends will continue on each third Thursday. Get the info on the EP and showtimes.

All of us, no matter if we are musicians, actors, golfers or teachers come with stories. I particularly love Jeni’s story about her kid days in a small and vibrant community, Fort Dodge, Iowa, and how it shaped who she is now. And then, there’s a time when she was actually in her teaching career. That difficult period not so long ago actually informed her latest songs.


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