By Jen Emerson –

Human Ottoman approaches music with playfulness, intelligence, and heart. When Luke Neill and I sat down with Susan Lucia, Grayson Fiske and Julian Kosanovic, they shared their individual histories as musicians and also as a band. Grayson self-described his early influences as “painfully nerdy”, and disclosed that it was the suspended cymbal, which he described as the most beautiful sound he had ever heard, drew him toward percussion. 431881_369531019813455_1669382509_nAlternatively, Susan just woke up one day and decided she wanted to play drums. She spent the first several months of practicing hours per day on her drum set, kicking the bass drum with her foot instead of stomping the bass pedal. She now uses a pedal, however, and incorporates Brazilian Forro into her punk/metal/jazz-inspired beats. Julian has replaced Matthew at the bow, and she got her first taste of touring with the band on a mini-tour in Washington State. Grayson and Susan also shared their thoughts on their previous several-states-long tour, and offered some insight into how students can help shape their own direction as musicians.

Be sure to catch Human Ottoman November 17, 2016 at the Doug Fir where they’ll be performing with Three for Silver.

Please enjoy our interview with the immensely talented Human Ottoman!