It’s a late October afternoon here in Portland. Sunny! Making our way to North Portland and into the lovely old neighborhood, cozy between Mississippi Avenue and MLK. Climb up the cement stairs, through the door and into the lair of creativity!

I hadn’t seen Holcombe since the release of his exquisite album “Into the Dark Unknown.” It was released in 2011. Time for a gab fest.

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Portland’s Indies


Yes, sure, Holcombe Waller counts as one of Portland’s “indies.” I can’t think of anyone more imaginative and willing to try out an idea and take it to its full conclusion. He’s part performance artist, pop singer (of the most aching songs that make one want to weep), PR guy, computer whiz, visionary.


Holcombe is joined by Mirah and Black Prairie for an innovative evening with the Oregon Symphony. It’s no longer such a new idea, to bring in crossover artists to do things with a traditional symphony orchestra. But three indie bands, under one roof, on one night?


The Score