A Great Time With Great Time

Great Time likes good music, and their most recent album Great Time isn’t just hyperbole according to Kris von Kay. Dig into Kris’s review as he introduces us to a multilayered and fascinating band.

A Great Live Show

Last Wednesday, Great Time hit up Dante’s, one of our legendary local venues. The Philadelphia band, touring as the core trio, performed a gallant set—which could be expected, since they have been working together on their debut album for approximately six years now. The album, titled Great Album, features a plethora of different sounds and a generally funky, upbeat energy. However, they put on a much moodier show to better suit Dante’s vibe, pulling tracks that were not necessarily on the album to show off their darker side.


Great Time dropped their entire album at once, feeling that it was better to release it as a whole rather than portion off singles, and this decision makes sense when you listen to it. It feels like a melting pot of genres and ideas and flows nicely into itself, not to mention the visual artist collaboration that accompanies it. Great Time took a very DIY approach to the album, crafting a custom home studio and their own equipment, giving them true control over their sound. They accompanied each track with a visual piece that was created specifically for said track, giving the album a more tangible feel (as well as giving a reason to not only stream it but also physically buy a copy). The variety of sound grants the album and band a far reach, giving the opportunity to showcase the members’ jazz foundations.


On the tail of their debut, Great Time also says they already have plans for further music and albums, perhaps exploring more focused themes in the future. Keeping humble, the band wanted to express their appreciation for their “day one fans” and simply want to contribute more great music to the world, saying: “We like good music, and wanted to make more good music,” which is probably the most noble endeavor a band can undertake. Listen to Great Time’s Great Time and if you are lucky enough to catch them in your town, treat yourself to a great live show.



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