Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 13

Fresh Spins episode 13 includes amazing worldwide and local musicians!

Dreaming Paris by Peter Erksine New Trio

La Coeur by Thievery Corporation (feat Lou Lou Ghelichkhani)
Robotic by Hannah Georgas
All Work by Fever High
Baby by Tei Shi
Then Comes the Wonder by The Landing

Ember Age by Sound of Ceres
Ever by Tiny Deaths
City Club by The Growlers
Oh My by Camino 84, Sidney Gish
Better Left Unsaid by Stoop Kids
Love Is Bad by Minden

Special One by The Secret Sea
Advanced Falconry by Mutual Benefit
New Biome by Sure Sure
Feast of the First Morning by Gap Dream
Float by FTSE, Kenzie May

You Won’t Be Missing That Part of Me by Melody’s Echo Chamber
Foto by Martin Courtney
Life Purpose (feat Caitlin Loney) by Alex Calder
Imk Si Mik by Hindi Zahra
Her (Remix) by Kye Kye

Here Comes Everybody by Autolux
Second Spine by No Joy
Out Alee (Plaid Remix) by Hundred Waters
Catch That Pain by Helado Negro
The Presence of Absence by Vinyl Williams

No One Wants It to Happen to You by Small Black, Bayonne
Long Drive by Club Kuru

Crepuscolo Sul Mare – Twilight on the Sea by Piero Umiliani

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