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Fresh Spins with Jen Em, ep. 9

Fresh Spins with Jen Em

March 31, 2017

Chompy’s Paradise by BADBADNOTGOOD
Hallucinating by Elohim
Names by Von Sell
Gladdic Wox by Pomona Dream
I Don’t Recall by Lavendar Diamond
Strangers by Psychic Twin
Hungry Ghost by Johanna Warren (bandcamp)
At Home in the Dark by 9 Theory & Dawn Mitschele
Mtn Tune by Trails and Ways
The Singularity by Tiny Deaths
In the Shadows by Foreign Air
Heart Wants by Magic City Hippies
Seventeen by Sjowgren
Moth to the Flame by Chairlift
Ceilings by Local Natives
Love You Like That by Royal Canoe

Like a 45 by Rosemary Fairweather
Everything by Kaptan
Dim the Lights by Wild Ones
Her (Loving You) by Glades

Ache by Daeva


What Are You Waiting For? by Niamh
Lita-Ruta by Shugo Tokumaru
*Air Castles by Furniteur
Into the Trees by Still Corners
*Islands by Rynn   
Back Around by Dessert
Sore Spores by BOBBY
Heartflow by ANIMA!
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