Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 47
March 9, 2018
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Creations Part Two by Hiatus Kaiyote

Where Do You Go by Charlotte Day Wilson
Each Time I Die by Bones & Beeker
Place With You by Astronauts, etc.
Amsterdam in My Mind by NVDES
Seeing Is Believing by The Superimposers

Twentyone Questions by Steve Spiffler
Get You by Geowulf
The Dirty by The True Loves
Disco Bitch by Spooky Mansion
Take Those Pills by Pogo
Molly Percocet (Soul Flip) by Steve Spiffler

Lemon Glow by Beach House
Tonight by Cornelius, Amy Nohr, Nicolaj Tuxen
To New York by Andrew Applepie
Everything by Rayana Jay
Don’t Fade by JGrrey

Woop Baby by letherette
End of The niGht. by Phony Ppl
Moon Shoes by Ravyn Lenae
Love Nebula by Kainalu
Slippin by Quadron
Color Wheel by Kari Faux

Sunday Vibes by Masego, Medasin
Magnetism by Vacationer
Show Me How by Men I Trust
Unknown by Ravyn Lenae
Nuckles by DRWN., MF Eistee
Jynn-amontya by Gwenno

If After All by Common Holly
Gold by Kiiara
Feel It Still – Medasin Remix by Portugal. The ManWave by Take Those Pills by Pogo