Fresh Spins with Jen Em – episode 35
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Wonderland by Limes

Eternity by Mons Vi
Plants by Crumb
Under the Sea by Walterwarm
Every Time I’m Ready to Hug by Ra Ra Riot
Distant Heart by The Seshen

It Makes the Babies Want to Cry by George Clanton
I Remember by Sam Evian
Postcards (feat Sam Island) by Equal, Sam Island
Video Child by Many Voices Speak

The Real by Tracy Bonham, Sadie Dupuis
Come Home by The Undercover Dreamers
Rainbows & Waterfalls by Pretty Lights
You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb (Garage Reverb) by Spoon
A Story of Love by Panthurr

Take Me Back by Camp Crush
This Love I’ve Met by Guggenz
Ryley Crowe by Foreign Fields
Constellations Echo Lanes by The Clientele
guarded by Flor

I Don’t Mind by Joseph
Gwan by Rostam
Make It Better by Hazel English
Past Lives by Local Natives
Birds Dont Sing by TV Girl

All4You by The Palms
Oceanica by San Fermin
Pipe Dream by Kyle Duke and The Brown Bag Boys
Little Baby by M. Ward

Breezin’ by Sleepdealer

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