Fresh Spins with Jen Em, episode 33
October 6, 2017

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Aloha by Chris Bear

Solar Mirror 9 by Sound of Ceres
Bones by Crumb
Human Behavior by James Tillman
I Miss That Feeling by Tennis
The Conservation of Energy by Vanishing Twin

Haze by Leisure Suite
Dreams Via Memories by Ceramic Animal
Running Away by Kitty
Jungle Television by Leif Erikson
Easier by Manic Drive

Party Down by Freedom Fry
Up All Night by Beck
Let’s Be Friends by Jake Sherman
On Another Ocean (January / June) – Edit by Fleet Foxes
They’re Not Me by Wild Ones

Turning Into Water by Maybird
Broke Down Blues by Tempesst
Some Sunsick Day by Morgan Delt
Escapade by Noir Disco
He Fades Out by BEA1991
Lavender and Velvet by Alina Baraz

Braindrain by Sun Parade
Riddles Of The Sphinx by Vinyl Williams
Bae Caught Me Vapin’ by Fantasy Guys
Need You by Sam Evian
Bye Bye Land by Hooded Fang
Paresthesia by Wild Ones

Everybody Knows by Kimbra
Control (Secretly Sorry) by JR JR

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