Fresh Spins with Jen Em – episode 28
August 18, 2017
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Link by Sleepdealer
Serendipity by ANIMA!
Moments by darkDARK
Eyes of Them All by Andy Shauf
See The Sun by oddCouple
The Trip by Still Corners
Rainbow Road by Cardioid
Fish Bowl – Frankie Cosmos Remix by Kero Kero Bonito
My Girlfriend Won’t Dance With Me by Locus Pocus
Quarrel by Moses Sumney
You Never Listen by Plastic Waves
So Tired by Crumb
This Time by Land of Talk
The Negotiation Limerick File by Beastie Boys
Table Tennis ft Laura Darlington by Flying Lotus
Magazine by Hajk
Saudade by Sure Sure
Tonight by Club Kuru
Fantasy Boys by BRONCHO
I Can’t Tell What the Time is Telling Me by And The Kids
Each Time I Die by Bones & Beeker
Hypnic Jerk by Lemony Kravitz
Mean Streets by Tennis
Donna by Rubblebucket
Against Illusions and Reality by Parks, Squares and Alleyways
Here Now by Sean Bones
Your Soul by Gothic Tropic
T.S. I Love You by New Venusians