Fresh Spins with Jen Em – ep 26

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The Gateway by Sam Gellaitry
How Life Works by Gothic Tropic
Moving Mountains by ANIMA!
Billions of Eyes by Lady Lamb
Severed Logic by Half Waif
Passing Cloud by Doug Bleichner
Silver Lining by Go Cozy
Equal Mind by Beach House
Put a Flower in Your Pocket by The Arcs
Back Pocket by Vulfpeck
To Be Exact by Business of Dreams
Doboom Soom by Slumbers
Way to My Heart by Easy Love
Revival by Deerhunter
Young & Thriving by Rodes Rollins
Come Meh Way by Sudan Archives
Baybee by Jay Som
Don’t Move Too Fast by Leapling
Your Love by The Magic Gang
Photograph by Cataldo
Sweet Sweet Silent by Sivu
What’s On Your Mind by Swimming Tapes
I Wanna Touch You by She-Devils
Future Lover by Francobollo
If I Fell by The Beatles
Big Boy by The Snails
Look the Other Way by Family Friends
Opal Waltz by Supernaive
Saint Ivy by Beach Fossils
Henry by Soccer Mommy
Father and Son by Apollo Brown

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