On Wednesday November 11th, Tristyn Meek, Shea Mackinnon, and Rhonda Case joined PRP host Heather Hanson for a Drop-In Session on The Bus Stop to discuss Free As The Sun, a multi-media project combining the music and writings of their friend and loved one, Lou Debruge, who passed away in December of 2014 at the age of seventeen.

The subject matter was heavy, and there were moments when everyone in the studio was overcome by emotion, but despite the vulnerability and rawness that inevitably coats a room when sharing something so simultaneously tragic and beautiful, the tone of the afternoon was one of hope, celebration, and gratitude.

Listen to the podcast to hear:

*Shea Mackinnon performing Free As The Sun live in studio.
*How Rhonda, Tristyn, and Shea got involved in Free As The Sun.
*What talented musicians and engineers jumped on board and contributed to Free As The Sun.
*What it was like for Tristyn to record in a studio for the first time at 18 years old.
*How Free As The Sun will benefit other young people dealing with addiction and the lasting trauma of childhood abuse.
*How you can support Free As The Sun.

Please visit freeasthesun.com, watch the Kickstarter video below, and donate.