Chicago’s Indie-Rock Fort Frances plays Portland’s White Eagle Saloon this month. Touring in support of their new record “Alio,” the show is sure to be top notch, pleasing fans and growing their followers.

Their second album has much to offer PRP’s listeners, launching with strong opener “You Got the Wrong Man” – a pensive alt-rocker with luscious hooks and ace drumming.

You’ll love “Take the Wheel” for similar reasons – this is a band with big league instincts for crafting appealing rock n’ roll tracks and tantalizing musical touches. Have a listen:

Take the Wheel

About Fort Frances

The Chicago-based trio has their roots in Americana but more recently has easily shifted gears into tightly performed rock; they now have 2 full length studio albums and several EP’s to their credit.

Fort Frances briefly left their indie-rock niche three years ago to record their version of hip hop “Summertime.” It made lists of must-download summer songs, but U.S. reception didn’t nearly measure up to the surprisingly large fan base that had formed in Lithuania, of all places.

Says lead singer McMillin: “We started to get all these messages from fans in Eastern Europe about how much they loved the song. We really didn’t think that we were catching on somewhere halfway around the world.”

At the invite of the US Embassy in Lithuania, Fort Frances later headlined the country’s popular Loftas Fest. “Our week in Lithuania was one of the most rewarding times of my life,” says McMillin. “I never would have expected the road could lead us to a stage in the former Eastern Bloc.”

Fort Frances are: Jeffrey Piper, bass; David McMillin, lead vocals, guitar, and Aaron Kiser, drums.

As for their new album, give a listen to rousing rocker “Days Get Heavy” – another track with massive mainstream radio potential. As the band belts out lyrics: “The days get heavy and the nights get thin / Do you know the trouble I’m in?”, you’ll find it hard not to love the Imagine Dragons-like vibe.

Another standout? A shout-out for plaintive track “Sigh of Relief” with its driving beat, rich sound and captivating hooks. PRP recently added both “Behind the Wheel” and “Sigh of Relief” to our playlist.

Sigh of Relief

Fans and merrymakers will also gravitate to the fun, easy vibe of “Anonymous.” Party on!

Show starts at 7:00

Their Monday, October 24 show at McMenamins White Eagle – located at 836 N. Russell Street, starts at 7:00 pm. The band also has upcoming shows booked in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Be there!

Find music by Fort Frances on iTunes or on their website.

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